Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What slavery where?

Ok, so the mainstream media hasn't cared a lick about this, mostly because our country's so-called civil rights leaders care more about reparations for slavery from 150 years ago (wherein the money wouldn't go to decendants of slaves but rather "civil rights organizations", but I digress). The government of Niger was set to hold a "free-slave" event where 7,000 slaves were going to be set free. At the last minute, Niger cancelled the event. Niger's official comment for why the event (co-sponsered by the government) was being cancelled? There is no such thing as slavery!, it doesn't exist! Well, I am sure that this is news to the over 43,000 people enslaved by other Africans in Niger today who are subjected to rape, torture and abuse daily. And I am sure that it is news to the slaves freed as recently as December 2003 in a similar ceremony. It is a shame that the world doesn't take notice of these kinds of things. We are too busy turning a blind eye to the raping and pillaging of those less fortunate, by those sent to help (UN!!!). We are too busy trying to rape corporations here in the U.S. for things some of their predecessors may have done during slavery here, we are too busy crying foul when we feel oppressed by a banana eating cop . Look to be perfectly honest, as is clear by Niger's refusal to admit to slavery, the sad fact is that it exists. No, slavery didn't only exist here in the Western World 150 years ago, it existed elsewhere and continues to. In fact, my family and other Koreans like them were enslaved by the Japanese for 50 years during which time, they could not speak their language or observe their traditions. During which time, whole families were uprooted by the Japanese government and sent to a locale off Siberia to mine gold. They still live there today. The U.S., evil as we are portrayed, isn't the only country to be disgraced by slavery, but it is history here. Not so in Niger. Where's the outrage hmmm?

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