Monday, March 07, 2005


I decided to take time away from working on the weekends (yes, I do that on occassion) to teach my young son the art of sled-ridding. I am not a novice at this as I have taught a few young people in my day, my two cousins currently serving in the U.S. Navy, their sister, my sister and some of the neighborhood dogs, I digress. We were blessed with two things this weekend that made me decide to break out the sledding contraptions: 1. Snow; 2. Sunshine. I know, snow and sun means melt, but we got about 5 inches so it took a bit to melt. Anyway, It was sunny and in the high 40's and time to sled. Now, mind you, my son is not-quite two and well, I am no spring chicken so the sledding was comical. My son had this to say: "Push!" "Go, Go, Go!" "Again! Again!" "Noooooo!" (when told that it was time to go inside). The education in sledding was a success. I taught the boy to bank, to push off, to lean in, and to roll away when too close to the apple tree. He did wonderfully. The boy had a blast, the better half smiled much, and I took pictures to embarrass the boy with later . . . Fun was had by all, and the best part? I didn't work this weekend!

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