Thursday, March 03, 2005

It's the towel B-tch!

Inspired by Christina at Feisty Repartee, and because I would rather blog than work, I thought I would muse for a moment about my mom who is a naturalized citizen from Korea. See my wonderful emo (aunt) is coming from Korea next week. It should be funny because she speaks no English and my mom, speaks quite her own brand. Don't get me wrong, I give props to my mom cause she came here, spoke no English and learned so people can understand her, but it is still comical to walk into a Dairy Queen and have my mom order a "Brizzald" instead of a Blizzard, or for her to say something completely off the wall, and otherwise insulting and then to look at me and say "what'd I say?, you know I don't speak English so good!" So I was thinking for a moment about how the months will go by:

my mom: Have a "sit" by that towel "b-tch"

my emo: Ehh?

me: She said have a seat by the beach towel.

my emo: Ehh?

my mom: translation in Korean

ladies: Ha ha ha. . .

my mom: What want you full "runch" "radies?"

my emo: Ehh?

me: She said what do you want for lunch ladies?

my emo: Ehh?

my mom: translation in Korean

ladies: Ha ha ha . . .

my mom: (points at me) rawyel in pittsbulgel.

my emo: Ehh?

me: She said I am a lawyer in Pittsburgh.

my emo: Ehh?

my mom: Translation in Korean

ladies: Ha Ha Ha . . .

Since my emo is staying for several months, this should pretty much be how the months go with the occassional:

my mom: something in Korean (points at me)

my emo: something in Korean, laughs with a look and a question (points at me)

me: What? Can someone please speak real English! Arghhhh!

I am wondering if I will be able to get through this in one piece, not just that, but my 2-year old is learning to speak so my hope is that he doesn't start speaking in broken english, not that it wouldn't be damn cute though . . .

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