Thursday, March 03, 2005

I love it when . . .

I love it when I have been blogrolled somewhere, it means that someone, somewhere has read something I have to say. It is a thrilling experience really. So, when I recently discovered that I had been blogrolled by Frank at ManicViking and by the Babaganoosh at Mitsurgi's Babaganoosh I was very excited! (Anyone named after the wonderful creation that is babaganoosh is good in my book). I've also been blogrolled by Ogre at Ogre'sview and Phin at Phin's Blog. I read these guys everyday so it is nice to know they read me too! I am on the Alliance Blogroll so I show up at other places here and again, but it is fun to see someone actually blogroll you! It is also an honor! Thanks guys!

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