Friday, March 04, 2005

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I thought I would do a “hooray it’s Friday” post today but instead, indulge me, I am going to do a little mommy “parent” blogging. My son is not quite two. His official 2-Day is next week. He doesn’t know that but suspects something is up since I keep saying “your birthday is coming, to which he responds by breaking into song “hoppy birdday to oooo.” He talks beyond his age, albeit with a sweet little baby slang, and is always the independent one. So after work when I tried to help him with his dinner, he loudly pronounced “I do it!” (He can’t say “me” for some reason so he has moved straight to “I”). He did a great job eating his Kielbasa and Kraut too (or "Big Dogs with stuff" as he calls it). Oh ya, he only eats big people food like vegetables, refuses little people food like Hot Dogs unless I eat it too, go figure. So my little independent one ate his food, and it was jammy time. Again, I got the “I do it!” as he dutifully put his jammy pants on backwards, but insisted they stay that way. Off to bed he went. Now, as my boy isn’t quite two, I don’t want to let go of that sweet baby I held in may arms everyday (they ache without him), but it seems he wants to go quickly. Dejected, I headed to bed myself. Well, out of a dead sleep, my not-quite two year old woke me. For some odd reason, I was dreaming of pool chemicals and opening my pool (its 9 degrees here right now). Anyway, he woke me (the clock said 12:45) to say “mommy I wuv ooo, move over” I of course obliged, how could I not, the kid is cute as a button! He snuggled in and said “dweam candy kay mom?” Awe. . . he knows I always tell him “sweet dreams,” apparently for him sweet equates with candy. It seems he doesn’t yet want to grow up completely, he still needs his mommy parent, all is good in my world again! Oh yeah, HOORAY ITS FRIDAY!

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