Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Isn't it Ironic?

Drudge had a post yesterday in which a woman who helped establish the Million Mom March was arrested on illegal gun charges stemming from a drive-by shooting investigation. LaShawn Barber posts about a report wherein an activist mother who has been getting in the business of other non-minority parents who pulled their kids from schools with a majority illegal immigrant population has recently pulled her children from the school as well, typical liberal, when it comes down to it, your really only in it for yourself! And Newsmax reports that KKK Byrd likens the GOP to Hitler because they want to invoke the "nuclear option" to force full Senate votes for judicial nominees. He says it is the majority's way of stepping on the rights of the minority. That is really rich, seeing as it was KKK Byrd and his cronie Al Gore, Sr. who filibustered the Civil Rights Act. Can't get more steppy on the minority than that! Isn't it ironic that Bush's charge to free the peoples of the Middle East is paying off despite the claptrap from the left? The people in the Middle East actually want democracy (See recent protests in Lebanon and Iran) and we have proven in Iraq that it can be attained! Also, the Supreme Court, charged under the Constitution with interpreting laws to make sure they conform with the Constitution, has ruled that minors cannot be executed. This of course, is ironic as the Constitution protects a state's right to punish its constituents in the manner it deems appropriate. This is simply one more step in federalizing the entire country, something the Constitution was created specifically to avoid! And lastly, the country songstress Carrie Underwood on American Idol sang Piece of My Heart last night. The judges said you can't countrify Janis Joplin, but ironically, the version sang by Ms. Underwood last evening was the version which hit the country charts at number one many moon ago by none other than superstar Faith Hill! Now, since the washed-up judges on AI clearly have no idea what they are talking about, they need a music class somewhere. Ms. Underwood did Faith's version justice and while I love Janis, not even Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone, can adequately present Janis, so any attempt has to be modified greatly! Further ironies: A man was tasered in a Chuck E. Cheese in Colorado for taking food from a salad bar without producing payment (having gone to Chuck E. Cheese at least once every two weeks for several months, I can tell you, you don't get a plate for the salad bar unless you pay!). (hat tip Drudge) According to an eye witness, the man was physically battered by police and then tasered in front of an entire restaurant of children, including his own! His children were then left to fend for themselves in the restaurant until a relative could get them. I smell a lawsuit, endangering children, physical battery, false accusations, embarrassment ooh the list is long! Oh, the local paper adds this, the man was black and the police department has been accused of using excessive force in the past. Two sides to every story, I wonder how this will play out . . . In another Drudge post, China calls for global and multinational controls on the internet because the U.S. is "wah" monopolizing the internet. Chinese Ambassador Sha Zukang told a UN conference that

"controls should be multilateral, transparent and democratic, with the full involvement of governments, the private sector, civil society and international organizations."
(Emphasis added) Isn't it interesting that a chinese government official is talking about anything being transparent and democratic? Hmmm.
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