Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Speed much?

Ok, ok, so I am a speed demon and I freely admit it. I live 38 miles door to door from my office and it takes me roughly 40 minutes to get to work (and an additional 10 with traffic.) That means I regularly travel in excess of the speed limit. I normally do not worry because here in PA, to get trapped for speeding, the cop has to be in a stationary position in order to laser you, and I can usually see them before they see me. Not so in other states as I had apparently forgotten until yesterday. I was in Ohio where the kindly police folk can laser you or they can tag you while they are on the move. Go figure! Anyway, I had to tell myself outloud every ten minutes or so that I could not speed because I was in Ohio. I got two dirty looks from rollin cops and one quick light flash to alert me to the fact that I was speeding but that they would let it go for now. Arghh! See, I have a driver superiority complex. I know I am a good driver usually. I speed but that seemingly is my only real driving problem. Usually. I learned to drive at 11 in a pickup we used on the farm. My pops is a professional driver and taught me to look out for certain things people do on the road. I can usually spot a clueless driver before they even do whatever clueless thing it is that they are going to do. Alas, I must admit that on occassion I have been known to be an aggressive driver. I know I am one of those a-holes that cut you off, but you probably deserved it. Anyway, I am sorry, for that. But as I said, I am usually a good driver. But speeding, well, that is my downfall. I set the cruise to keep from speeding and usually get angry with the cruise cause it is making me slow down, go figure. I vow to try harder on the way home from work today (since I blew it on the way in). But let me just tell you, tickets -- damn they are expensive!

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