Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Feeling under the weather

Did you ever notice that you tend to feel under the weather when the weather is bad out? Coincidence, I think not! Today we are on day two of our snowstorm and I couldn't feel worse. Ate crackers on the way to work so I wouldn't get sick. And yes, I went to work. Some miserable bastard from work made me sick, so I am going to pass on the favor. Speaking of weather, the forecasters forecasted around 10 inches of snow here in "Picksburg" they were wrong. 2-5 maybe but 10, no way. Speaking of Pittsburgh, we are the City of bridges. We have more bridges and tunnels in and around our fine city than any other. Speaking of tunnels, did you ever get that creepy feeling inside a tunnel that the walls were going to cave in? Well, here in Pittsburgh, one tunnel is doing just that! Speaking of creepy feelings, while watching American Idol last night, I got the creepy feeling that Mario Vasquez really is Fez; Speaking of Fez, I don't watch That 70's Show anymore, it bores me, but I am totally into Lost. Speaking of Lost, one of the men is going to die in the season finale, but we do not know which one! Ok, I am done speaking of. . . I am going to leave early and go home to bed.

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