Sunday, March 27, 2005

5 Answers for TNT

TNT of Smiling Dynamite has charged me with the task of answering these five questions and I am not allowed to let the midget answer for me *damn*, well here goes: 1. What/where did your name "Oddybobo" come from? It is really just a combination of my dog's name (Oddy) and my boy's nickname (Bobo). 2. You can only read one blog for one year, who's would it be and why? That would be a toss up. I would probably read IMAO because I read all the posters that post there, but I would have to lobby in the comments for the inclusion of links to the rest of my favorites so I could still read them all, cause technically, reading a link is still reading from that blog ;) 3. You get to be President for one day, what law would you pass or repeal? (You rule, there's no senate, House, etc. stopping your decision.) Taxes of all varieties . . . 4. Since your "better half" is a chef, what's the best meal he has ever made for you? Its a toss up. When we were dating, I mentioned that I loved Thanksgiving turkey so in the middle of July the Better-Half made me a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner. But the very best has to be filet mignon with a little dollup of blue cheese, garlic smashed potatoes, asparagus with homemade hollandaise sauce, and death by chocolate dessert. I love steak! 5. It's a rainy, stormy day outside. You have to stay inside; however, you have no chores to do, no appointments - you are totally caught up in all the home projects. What would you do? I would lay in bed snuggling with the baby, the cat, and the dog, we would watch various animal shows on tv and the baby would tell me what all the animals were and the sounds they make. I love those kinds of days, I've never had one, but I sure do love them. That's it, I hope it was a bit informational. The drill is, the first 3 to comment get five questions -- come on, don't be shy!

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