Monday, March 21, 2005

Overboard much?

Ok, so this is a question I am asked frequently by the Better-Half. See, I tend to go overboard in all that I do. I overdo the roast (I am not a great cook - afterall, Better-Half is a Chef). I overdo the drama, the anger, the sarcasm, the wit, the cheer . . . But the thing I overdo the most is functions. I love a good function. At Christmas we have an open-house, and everyone leaves with a gift after we play an incredibly weird off-the-cuff game whose prizes are little trinkets which everyone gets . . . Anyway, I love holidays. I like to hide great gifts in weird packages at Christmas, once I broke open walnuts, cleaned them out stuffed different denominations of money in them, glued them shut, then put them in a styrofoam package covered with plastic wrap. No one wanted to pick it cause it looked dumb, but a very happy 5 year old left with about $25.00 that day. We have also heated fortune cookies taken out the fortunes, stuffed in money and reshaped them, and gave them out as favors, at first no one wanted them, but after the first person opened their cookie, everyone wanted one! I am the one who at Halloween doesn't give out candy. No, I give out glow necklaces! The kids race to my house, screaming "Which house has the glowwwww necklacessss???" You know which kids have visited my home cause they glow. At Thanksgiving, I never have just turkey, we usually also have shrimp, beef, pork and eggrolls (I love eggrolls). When I have a friend who is getting married, I usually bake them a miniature wedding cake and decorate it with real sugar dusted flowers, because the happy couple usually doesn't eat much at their wedding (unless you are in my family where backyard weddings are common and usually end in full on games of tackle football!) Birthday parties are low-key but 4th of July!!!! A huge picnic and thousands of dollars of illegal fireworks (the whole neighborhood pitches in). For the kids I always have games and pinatas oh, and this year I am setting up a mini carnival. Good times! And then there is Easter . . . I throw an Easter Egg Hunt to rival most others. I get RSVP's so I can estimate out how many kids are coming and can guarantee that each child will leave with at least 12 eggs (usually many more). Each egg is filled with toys and candy and the eggs are all different sizes. Then comes the good part. At the end, each kid is guarenteed to walk away with prizes. In fact, I make up a fun bag for each kid and also give out a prize to each kid. No one walks away empty handed at my house. Then there is the food. Now, I don't have a very big house, but we always invite everyone, and let me tell you, everyone is coming this year. My whole yard is a sea of eggs. This year since there are some bigger kids, there are even more eggs. Here comes the Better-Half's question, you see, being a parent of a 2 year old, I don't have too much in the way of furniture, I have found it is just more for him to injure himself on, so the 50 people that are coming to my home on Saturday will not have anywhere to sit. My solution? tables and chairs in the living room . . . he he he. With all the candy I will pump into their children, they won't be sitting anyway, so there will be more room for the adults! How about you? is there anything you overdo?

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