Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Brain Hurts

I haven't weighed in on the Terri Schiavo mess because, well it is way too serious and I am way too tired -- brain hurts. Others have said it better than me, but I feel the need to release a bit today. Terri Schiavo is being murdered by her "husband" and by those complicit in his demands. There. I said it. Now, I don't agree with Congress stepping in, but on another level something has to be done. The Florida judicial system got it terribly wrong. Judge Greer, if he can even be called a judge, can't tell a vegetable from a living breathing being. The babbling idiots in Florida's legislature don't know the difference between life support and food, and well, my brain hurts. Here is a clue -- if someone withheld food from you, you too would perish. It would be a slow and disgusting scenario. Blue-eyed Infidel has an article with a description of the process, brain hurts. I guess the in vogue term is "Life Support" so when I decide I want to cut off my Better-Half's life support because he is getting increasingly annoying, well, I will just deny him food and water until he wastes away to death. Afterall, it doesn't matter if you aren't in the process of dieing like Terri is not, starvation will just aid in jump starting the process right? My brain hurts. What I cannot wrap my head around is how anyone can look at the photos, video, soundbites and see the testimony and doctor's reports and still say Terri is in a coma or PVS. Not so. Look, if the Pope were in Florida, and one of his Vicars decided that he said once that he didn't want extraordinary measures taken for him, the damn judiciary would yank his trach tube out and let him asphyxiate. Afterall, the Pope's lived a good life, and who really wants to use a tube to breathe anyway right? Too extreme you say? My brain hurts! Michael Schiavo wants his wife to die because she has become a nuisance. Her only real crime is that she hasn't murdered a cop or sodomized a young child. Afterall, those vermin get all the perks, best care, extra pit stops on the judicial train. They get appeals, and more appeals all while eating great meals, working out in top gyms and watching tv (you all know that Michael Schiavo even withheld her tv right?) We treat our criminal scum better than Terri! Brain Hurts! We treat our pets and even damned insects better than Terri, well, not me, I like to rip the wings or legs of bugs to watch them die a slow death much like Terri is doing now. Why not? Why value any life if we aren't going to value Terri's? Next we will have legislation allowing for the government sponsored euthanasia of unwanteds. Look, I have a severely retarded sister-in-law who really doesn't do much on her own. Sure she talks and reads and responds, plays with toys and eats, but really what good is she? We should just starve her now right? one less mouth to feed right? Besides she is never going to be a productive participant in society so that, according to judge Greer means she is in a persistent vegetative state and we should sentence her to death by starvation! My brain hurts. This is what it has come to. I don't have answers, I am not a doctor, I certainly am not God. I can only say this, when this poor, helpless woman dies in agony because the Courts stood by and let her starve to death, many will be judged in the eyes of God for not preventing it. That, my friends, my brain understands. I am going to go home now, wrap my arms around my little one, say a prayer for Terri and her family (oh and VW and her family too cause they are sick), I am going to pray that Terri really isn't aware of what is going on so that she doesn't die knowing that her husband let her starve and her family couldn't stop it, I am going to call my sister-in-law and ask her how her day was and offer to take her to lunch on Friday, and I am going to revel in the knowledge that there are burning hell-fires awaiting the likes of Michael Schiavo and his supporters.

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