Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration day!

I love President Bush! I do, I love President Bush. Now, Senator Byrd, he can take a flying leap off a very large building racist mo-fo that he is! Dems like Byrd and his ilk (and "gun toting lib." if you are out there, I am making a broad generalization here!) are the epitome of racist. To tell what a liberal is thinking or doing, just listen to what they say - they do the exact opposite. So when those libs shout about conservatives being racist a big bell should go off, and a sign should light up right over Byrd's head with a cliched arrow pointing down denoting Byrd as the racist. Condi, we are behind you! Later, we will hold up our lighters as you put a well deserved smack down on Sen. KKK.

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