Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Liberal Hate and Rhetoric

As an ambiguously Asian, conservative, lawyer of the effeminate persuasion . . . (all in one breath whew) . . . I have faced similar attacks to those printed by Michelle Malkin for my beliefs. Michelle is a very intelligent and talented columnist one who should be read for her thoughts, not the shape of her eyes, and she faces racist attacks from the liberal elite. Big surprise there! It never ceases to amaze me that a progressive liberal (aka anti-conservative) can shout profanities and make racist judgments on a person of color because they don't tow the liberal/socialist party line and spout BS at every opportunity. Or how if you are a woman and a conservative or anti-fetal murder, you are somehow trying to throw back to pre-suffrage days. Believe it or not, women and people of color have brains (oh the horror!) and can think for themselves (see additional instances as La Shawn Barber, and Baldilocks, and others of their ilk), and do not need hand-holding, coddling, or intellectual brain-washing at the hands of so called progressives or intellectual elites! Sorry to sound so pre-kindergarten here, but it seems that anti-conservatives can't understand intellectual speak. Its all gobbledy-gook to them. I am a gun-toting, conservative thinking, red-stater, working hard to keep my own money, Asian who didn't get into my Ivy League University by affirmative action, didn't graduate law school because someone "helped" me along, didn't pass the bar because someone lowered the standard for me because I come from a fractured-family background, and didn't get a lucrative position with an international law firm because some white liberal (or conservative for that matter) felt pity on me. No, believe it or not, I am an intellectual, say it with me now, minorities can be intellectuals too! You anti-conservatives out there who think that you are better or smarter than persons of color because you were brainwashed into believing that you have some higher calling to do for others (i.e. minorities) because we can't do for ourselves, can take this to the bank -- No amount of name-calling (wagging of tongues or nanny-nanny boo-boos) will change the fact that in the arena of ideas persons like Michelle Malkin flatten persons like those of you who resort to crass profanity in order to get your point across, which is simply that you don't like Michelle Malkin or others like her. And we are supposed to care who you like?

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