Tuesday, January 18, 2005

American Idolatry

So, watching American Idol, and for a play by play, Sarahk at mountaineer musings has a comment on almost every singer, and a fabulous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. I have to say, I can't get why I am actually watching this program. It is like an addiction. I seriously can't pry my face away from the tv and my ass cheeks off the couch! I have to say though, I feel really bad for some of these people, I can't understand what goes through their heads. How can you get in front of people, and intentionally humiliate yourself? I mean, I humiliate myself unintentionally all the time, but on purpose? And did you see the girl who sounded like a stuck pig? Really, how do they find the nads to do this? I cringe for them, in between laughing my ass off of course! And to the guy who fancies himself "fabulous" and is going to have 8 hit records to poor Botox Beauty Paula's 3 . . . what the hell? Who says that? Your going to have 8 hit records? Why stop there? While you are at it, in the words of Simon Cowell from last year "I hope you have a good lawyer to sue your voice coach." . . . crap, I just spit beer all over the keyboard, papa was a rollin stone . . . dude forgot the words! I love that! Have to give props to the boxing babe! She is really cute. A bit all o'er the place (like this post) but cute, hope she becomes the next middle weight champ! Welp, gotta go prep for a dep, and catch some zzzz's between laughing my ass off watching American Idol. Mary Roach, oh man I am dieing! Oh geez, i really am, girl's giving me a freakin heart attack, think stalker single white femail singing worse than William Hung!

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