Thursday, January 13, 2005

A little Thursday Linky Action

So according to ABC News, Ted (where'd I leave my car?) Kennedy can't tell the differance between new Demobrat star Barak Obama and Osama Bin Laden allegedly calling him "Osama bin . . . Osama . . . Obama" (hat tip Drudge). Clint Eastwood expresses his intent to kill Michael Moore if ever the fat-one graces Dirty Harry's doorstep camera in hand. Bill at InDC talks more about it here. Question is . . . How do we get Moore to knock on Clint's door? (apparently I am not the only one asking this question . . .) And apparently Armstrong Williams isn't the only partisan paid pundit, some bloggers fit the bill as well . . . And lastly, poor Prince Harry and his poor choice of costume has the world in arms . . . personally, while Harry's costume was in poor taste (he has apologized again and again), I want to see the pics. of Wills dressed as a lion!

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