Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Rathergate questions left unanswered

So, the CBS report blasts the boys (and Mary Mapes) at CBS for their "Myopic Zeal" but can't pass judgment on any political bias because there was not enough evidence? Excuse me? The evidence was appended to the report. As a lawyer, I can tell you that that kind of 'circumstantial' evidence is what sent Scott Peterson a death penalty conviction. That kind of 'circumstantial' evidence would fry any conservative. That kind of 'circumstantial' evidence screams of political bias. My goodness, Mapes writes . . . there's blood in the water . . . she talks "hypothetically of course" about paying for the docs. with a book deal. She doesn't want her colleague to underestimate how much she wanted that story? In fact, I take it back! This isn't circumstantial evidence, it is actual proof of bias at CBS News. The problem is, that the report couldn't actually say that because it would open CBS up to unprecented scrutiny, because of course, the public has been well aware for a very long time of CBS's penchant for liberal bias. To say so in the report would be the worse condemnation of what goes on in the MSM. So, instead the report takes CBS to task for its malfeasance, but conveniently ignores the motive for the malfeasance. Not in my courtroom! CBS News, like Scott Peterson, deserves the dealth penalty!

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