Friday, January 14, 2005

To Blog is to live . . . in yer underwear

So FrankJ destroys the myths about why we blog, and his comments section adds additional myths shattered and pictures frozen on brain. . . This is a pretty hot topic today as La Shawn Barber asks why we blog (link in and answer her questions), and Instapundit links to an article discussing the inherent conflic of interest faced by journalists who blog. And then there is that brainless Jonathan Klein from CNN who thinks that blogging is "you know, glorified Web-site hosting—that’s what it is." This guy is totally nutballs and totally clueless. But then again, he is from the real world . . . of course if he is from the real world then I am from the better informed world, but I digress . . . Here are my useless thoughts on the blogosphere and why we blog . . .

  • some blog because it gives them a forum to discuss interesting matters in the safety of their four walls;
  • some blog because it gives them a forum for their very relevant and highly original ideas;
  • some blog for money (I'm available if anyone is interested . . .);
  • some blog as to escape work, else they should go insane;
  • some blog for work;
  • some blog because they called in sick and didn't go to work;
  • some blog because they can do it in their under guchies while spongebob plays in the background, and while eating cheesy poofs and drinking beer . . .;
  • some blog because finally, there is a forum available for the masses to enjoy;
  • and still others lurk in comment land.

I was a comment land lurker for a very long time and decided that it was time to blog, hence my not very informative blog, which is slowly taking shape and will one day . . . rule the universe . . . blog envy, oh well.

As a simple shout out to those who came before me, your blogs are a source of comedy for my dull life, information for the intellectual in me, and inspiration. Carry on!

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