Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Linky Action

Check out some of these samplings from the blogosphere today.

Check out The Anchoress and La Shawn Barber's takes on the confirmation of the exceedingly talented Condi Rice as Secretary of State. The first woman of color and the only the second woman ever to hold this important position. JimK at Right Thoughts weighs in with a late commentary on the confirmation process as well.

Harvey of Bad Example offers advice on how to pick a career for those of you who haven't yet.

Jim at Snooze Button Dreams has a really fun little movie trivia game/meme goin on, join the fun!

Little Green Footballs links to a post at the Daily Kos by, wait for it, Barbara Boxer who thanks her minions, I mean supporters, for their support during her grilling of our new Madame Secretary.

Instapundit links to one Hammorabi regarding the democratic pressure the Iraqi people are putting on their neighbors.

Rightwingduck tackles some additional myths about bloggers and the MSM.

Michelle Malkin posts about yet another pundit getting paid to push the government's agenda!

And as always, Basil of Basil's Blog has a great Friday Morning breakfast roundup, check it out.

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