Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Blame Bush!

All the rage of course is the theory that whatever happens in the whole world is Bush's fault. Today, abortion is Bush's fault! No lie, Senator Hillary Clinton actually blames Bush for increased abortions, using outdated and false statistics, of course. She does not blame those who use abortion as an accepted form of contraception, not those who chose abortion over life, but rather Bush. Seems he single handedly impregnated all those additional abortion seekers, and then proceeded to perform their abortions. Think of the windfall! Relations with thousands of women and the payday that comes from performing that dreaded procedure. Cha-Ching! Perhaps Ms. Clinton is just jealous . . . that Bush got some from all those lovely ladies. Hmmm. But seriously, to even allude at Bush as being the culprit here is to highlight the real problem with the liberal mentality, which is that:

Everyone else is to blame for the choices we make. There is no accountability, nor should there be. Afterall, the problem will simply disappear if the government throws money at it.
I am convinced that the liberal establishment has learned nothing from their trouncing in November. Better still they refuse to learn anything.

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