Monday, January 24, 2005

Evil Glenn Controls Tornados

Evil Glenn is at it again. He has created a weather control machine to use as part of his evil plan of world domination. His plan is to take over the world piecemeal. Next stop Kansas! No, this ain't Dorothy's Kansas, this is Evil Glenn's Kansas where pretty farm houses and rolling fields are replaced by Tornado's specifically programmed to whir puppies, including Toto, into tasty milkshakes. Yes, Evil Glenn has programed his weather machine to turn simple unassuming tornados into giant, GOD-sized blenders for puppies and other earthly animals. Not content to simply tear homes apart, and wreak havoc on communities, Evil Glenn intends to scoop up all living mammalian creatures lounging about in the green grasses of the midwest, whir them into a milkshake and devour them while lounging pool-side. Call it Evil Glenn Ambrosia. Of course, not content to shake up the midwest, look for Evil Glenn to take a side trip to the nearest body of water for a little water spoutin' -- Lobster Bisque anyone?

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