Tuesday, March 15, 2005

What? No Family?

Ok, I have this profound emptiness today as I have no family. No, I have a family, just not a blog family. I love reading all these blogs but they all have family. So I thought it would be good for my psyche if I recounted why I began to blog and, in fact, as I never did a lame ass post for my first, I am doing it now: I started blogging because I was buying something at Rightnation.com or something and got directed to IMAO, from there, I went to MountaineerMusings and then back to IMAO. I lurked around IMAO funny for a while and found myself at Bad Example and several other outstanding blogs for sometime until, one day FrankJ was out of town and Harvey and Rightwingduck were guest-posting, and in the comments to one of Harvey's posts, this really thoughtful and well-written young man posted a comment to which Harvey replied he should get his own blog. (sorry folks I am too lazy to find the exact link to the comment.) I, of course, wanted one too and my blog was born. I immediately contacted Harvey, got some advice on this blogging gig, joined the Alliance, posted some stuff (that really wasn't that interesting) and was off and running. But alas, who do I credit? I belong to no-one. And no-one wanted to claim me. boo hoo. Since then (December of 2004 to be exact), I have become enamoured with the Bad Example Family Tree as well as the posters at IMAO, basil, a lot of the blogs on the Alliance blogroll and the Feisty Family of Feisty Christina's and various and sundry others. I have even managed to get blog-rolled by several of you wonderful bloggers (which makes me wonder about you, but I digress . . .) I am still, however, without a family. Since no one will claim me (this happens often so I am not that surprised)-hence-forth, I proclaim (I can do this cause this is my blog :P ) that the whole blogosphere is my family (whether you like it or not) and the following are the icky second-cousins who have been banished from all family goodness and grandma's will: 1. Yucky, mean, trolly liberal bloggers like Oliver who looks eerily similar to Shrek (can you say brainwashing?); by the way, has anyone seen my "Gun-toting lib" troll? I seem to have misplaced him; 2. Deaniacs; 3. People who voted for Hillary or will vote for Hillary, I don't like her, she has big eyes -- ala Janay Castine from AI; 4. Redneck bashers; 5. Evil Glenn, although sometimes he gets invited to parties so we can make fun of him ;) 6. Communists and MSM persons pretending to be bloggers; 7. Those who bash my religion, my country, my President, and the military that defends me (unless I already like you then you shall be exempt); 8. and anyone else I shall henceforth decide upon from time to time. This is my will, it shall be done. But, my will can change if someone out there wants to claim me . . .

Proud Member of the Alliance

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