Monday, March 14, 2005

It's My Party!

Yesterday was my birthday and I'm 29 ;). I apparently share my day with the Confederate Yankee, tell him happy birthday, go now! Anyway, so, it was my birthday and my momma asked me what I wanted. Of course, I wanted what I get every year from her (and she knew it) that is a traditional Korean birthday dinner. Here is what I got: Mandoo--Korean dumplings (for luck) Chap Chae--A Korean rice noodle dish with veggies and beef (noodles are eaten for long life) Eggrolls-not Korean, but yummy Seaweed Soup--for health sushi rolls--Korean style has no fish bulgogi --Korean BBQ Beef And roast beef (cause it is my better-half's favorite dish!) Oh yes, and an Almond Birthday Cake. Yum! Both my son and nephew had birthdays last week, so it was also the day to celebrate their birthdays. My nephew wanted to open all his presents right away, but me, being the mean one, told him they were really my presents because it was my birthday. Well, he cried for an hour until I gave in and gave him a present. My son, got so many things, and he was completely overwhelmed (only 5 presents but to a two year-old it is the jackpot!) Every year, someone forgets its my birthday. This year, it was the better half. See better-half had already given me my gift (a Dyson vacuum which I asked for) last week, so when yesterday (my actual birthday) came along, well, I didn't get a "Happy Birthday" until well into the afternoon. It is going to take some time for better-half to be back on my good side ;) It is ok though, because my son had a good time singing happy birthday to me, over and over and over and over . . . Oh, and I learned something at my party, the word for Happy and for High are close in sounds, and my poor Aunt thought my dad was saying that he was High, until my mom explained he was really saying he was happy. ;)

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