Friday, March 18, 2005

We are at War!

As has been eloquently stated by our Cap'n, we are at war with that evil crumpet muncher Keith Taylor of Sortapundit. He up and challenged the innocent basil, who has been joined by the following defenders:

Others are welcomed and encouraged to join. Support is needed on the hills we must claim.

So, manning my station as well as I can, I bring you the names of the hills we must claim as our own:
  1. Gizoogle
  2. Paris Hilton's Cell Phone number
  3. Jamie Lynn Spears Naked (which has recently fallen but shall be taken again)
  4. The Niggas at the DFNCTSC
  5. Strip Clubs in Ohio With Midget Strippers (also recently fallen . . .)
  6. Free Big Tit Sites
  7. Girls Big Tit

Go forth, each is work safe! Link, Link, Link!!! Climb those hills quickly friends, and remember, that lime-sucking bastard Sortapundit will get his!

Proud Member of the Alliance

The Alliance
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