Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's a Boy!

I have a blogson, I didn't know it until Yesterday when I began my temper tantrum about not having a blogfamily. Seems basil, Frank and I had some sort of interesting three-way(I am assuming FrankJ but could be wrong, if it is FrankJ, SarahK, I slipped him a roofie so I could take advantage of his omnipotence, sorry, I'll make it up to ya later.) Of course, as I consider both Frank and basil to be instrumental in my birth as a blogger, I am officially not a redneck but now can be considered . . . white trash (Buelah Mae, here I come!). Fitting that I live so close to West Virginia no? Because the product of our unholy match-up was none other than the Babaganoosh (goes tasty with crackers). So I am a blog mommy parent! But as I came into being without a parent (at least one that wants to claim me, -- Harvey, Frank, SarahK, basil and others . . . ), I shall be king/queen of this family. Bwahahahahaha! UPDATE: There is a Deaniac living somewhere in my family tree, fitting no? The Dean-scream harkens back to something eerily simian, he he he . . . I know, I know, goes against the whole theory of banning certain bloggers from the family gatherings. But hey, I am finding this whole blogospheric family thing, way incestuous! So, we all have skeletons in our closet, and black sheep in the family, having only been acquainted with FrankL for a short time--I am sure his twin can't be that bad ;), so until proven otherwise, I will turn my head for now but be forwarned Fritz I'm watching you, any funny business and I withhold pumpkin pie at all future family gatherings . . . :)

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