Friday, March 18, 2005

Out of the Loop

So, have you ever had that feeling that you are out of the loop? Better Half and I had an interesting conversation last evening, where it became increasingly clear that Better Half is out of the loop, and purposefully. Better Half is 2nd in command, management if you will, at the place of employment. Owners of said employment are the worst kind of people. You all know the type, praise to your face but the moment you leave the room they say hateful things about you (about everyone). This is where Better Half is employed. Better Half had a drink after work with 3rd in command. They discussed their current situations and the fact that neither are happy with the owners and the way that the owners treat them. Now comes the good part, Better Half learns about the "plans" of the owners to expand the business, further working Better Half's already short-staff to the bone. No one said a word to Better Half. My guess, no one intends to either. See, Better Half has one of those personalities everyone is drawn to, humor, kindness, dedication, trustworthiness, etc . . . Problem is, those qualities engender abuse as well. Owners know Better Half is dedicated and loyal and will not disappoint, so Owners take advantage to the fullest. They intentionally keep Better Half out of the loop so as not to cause any ripples in their abuse. I feel for Better Half. Plan two has taken effect as of now . . . Better Half searches for better-job!

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