Friday, February 04, 2005

Elevator conversations

So, I am in the elevator this a.m. minding my own, when lo and behold, some dude in a bad suit thinks I want to converse about the fact that "in three weeks it'll be March, can you believe it? I bet the skiiers are not happy this year!" Well, seeing as how I am neither wearing a sign that says "I heart February" nor any skiing apparel, why he thought I would care is beyond me. Plus, I had not yet had any caffeine or food this a.m. and so was in no mood to even smile. So my half-hearted response was "yeah, gee, uh huh, can't believe it. hmmm." What can I say, it is difficult to form full sentences when zombified in an elevator with a lunatic raving about our unusual lack of snow this season and the month following February. I really don't care. If I cared, I would wear a t-shirt that said, "Hey, if I'm in an elevator, talk to me cause I care about everything and I heart strangers." I am being serious. Never rouse a zombie from pre-caffiene stupor, especially if said zombie carries a 22 snub-nose loaded with hollow-points on said zombie's belt! Kablam -Kablam, there's yer ski report.

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