Monday, January 31, 2005

Howard Dean Hates Me

In what sounds like a kindergarten rant, Howard Dean states that he hates the right! Did so, did not, I hate you! And you could have been our President? At the first sign of unrest in the world he would unleash his paper airplanes, and spitball brigades to combat evils. And if that didn't work, he'd call "Food Fight!" And just so we are all clear that he means business, no milk and crackers for your snack today. So the Deaniac hates Republicans and everything we stand for such as:

  • Everything that is right;)
  • Freedom for the oppressed;
  • The Constitution of the United States;
  • The right to defend oneself;
  • The upholding of morality;
  • The support for the military;
  • Patriotism;
  • Family;
  • Freedom of religion . . . I could go on and on.

It is good to know that Dean and his party hate these things. Afterall, it will help us get our message out.

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