Sunday, January 09, 2005

Terhaaza makes a contribution

Newsmax (see title for direct link) writes that T. Heinz-Kerry (going by Heinz only these days) made a donation of $450,000 to the Tsunami victims, but it wasn't her money she donated. No, it was foundation money, no mention at all of her intention to give her own money! Not like those of us who operate in the real world. In fact, as history would have it, she doesn't like to actually . . . HELP . . . no, she like Barbara Streisand, and other liberal weinees just wants to order you to help and tell you how. But let me throw this out to you, Here in Pittsburgh, PA we had a horrendous flooding during this years interesting hurricane season. The floods devastated small towns outside of Pittsburgh. One town, was the hometown of the Heinz patriarch, and where he began the Heinz empire selling veggies out of a cart. Anyway, she came and toured the area and said - no kidding - that she "wasn't in a position to actually do anything" but she came to see the probs. first hand. Not in a position to do anything! This coming from a woman with loads of mullah, and surrounded by the little people who gave of their time, possessions, extra money and prayers. Now here we are in the midst of the worst natural disaster in modern history and she can't even pony up her own cash to contribute. Geez! Some bleeding heart liberal she is, oh wait, that is exactly what she is, emoting about a travesty while throwing someone else's money at the problem! Sorry, just a weekend rant here!

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