Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kid Rock at the Inauguration

So Kid Rock is going to perform and the folks over at have their guchies in a bunch. I understand why, Kid Rock has some pretty raunchy lyrics, but that is not all he has and remember, we are the new party of the inclusive! Kid Rock raises his young child as a single parent, is muli-talented, having recently scored some points with country radio, and while not the best role-model, he is a model of what one can do in America. Up from the worst streets in Detroit to fame and stardom. Let's be real, Mel Gibson, the Christian Right's current posterboy, was no choir boy in his youth (admitted multiple daliances, adultery and substance abuse). Bush himself was wayward once! Let's not pass judgment on Robert Richie that is what we fight against, people passing judgment on us. So I say, I can't wait for Kid Rock to Rock the Inauguration! Now, JoJo, she scares me! UPDATE: Maybe those planning the festivities have caved because now they are backpeddling (See Worldnet daily link) UPDATE II: Apparently I am a 'Southpark conservative' per Michelle Malkin on her site today, because I say who cares about Kid Rock. Look, my reasons are simple. Religious conservatives are not the only members of this party, contrary to what we may want to believe, conservatives come from all walks, including the likes of Kid Rock. What he does for entertainment value sould not relegate him to the depths of slime. However, while not entirely a fan of his music, and certainly not his early cuts, I still admire a working class guy who makes it big albeit as a slut! Look, we need to represent all our faces as conservatives to stay on top. Perhaps rather than jump up and down because Kid Rock is playing, we should simply request that he keep it clean? He can, I've seen it. Just my 2Cents!

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