Friday, February 25, 2005

You might be a Redneck . . .

So, I took all the quizzes over at Ogre's place and each quiz pegged me as a Redneck 100%, certified, carebear redneck. Ok, so I did some soul searching and a review of my site to try and figure out why these quizzes think I am a Redneck. I found these things out: 1. One of my favorite tv. shows is the Dukes of Hazzard replaying on CMT starting today; 2. Some of my favorite songs are ( in no particular order, and in no way complete): Simple Man, Was I Right or Wrong, Red White & Blue (all Skynyrd); Redneck Woman (gender hint here); My Hero's have always been Cowboys; Ramblin Man; 3. I watch Bull Riding on TV every Saturday night and when I can I watch in person; 4. I drive an F-350 full-sized, 4-Wheel drive Diesel, flaming red pickup; 5. I was born in South Carolina; 6. I have said ya'll since birth; 7. I drink beer and bourbon; 8. I eat bbq at every opportunity; 9. I had a pet pig once (named porkchop, ate him for dinner when he was big enough); 10. I live for Nascar, can recite almost every driver's name and most of their stats, I know the terminology, I time drivers while they are in the pits and I have checkered flag jammies; 11. Have a motorcycle; 12. Have a fishin boat; 13. Watch fishin shows on Sundays with the Better Half; 14. Taught 2 year old to say "Git R Done!" Which he does well; 15. Eat pancakes at firehall; 16. Have urge to post redneck pictures; 17. My favorite attire is t-shirts and jeans; 18. I burn stuff; and 19. I have guns, lots! Does the above mean I am a redneck? Can it be true? Can a 1/2 asian be a redneck? hmmm. Help me out here, please.

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