Friday, February 25, 2005

Today's observation/rant

Job descriptions: We all have them. Its so we can fit into a neatly worded little package and when someone says to us "well, what do you do?" We can answer with little effort. For example, my job description is to "be a zealous advocate for my client" usually one of those evil big corporations out to steal lunch money from small children . . . Anyway, why is it then that once we have learned our job description someone seeks to change it. Take for instance a young man who works at my firm. He does a bang-up job as a paralegal. His job description is to do paralegal stuff, that does not include secretarial stuff for which we have assistants, nor does it include clerical stuff for which we have clericals. . . Well, the recent hire of serveral new attorneys has caused paralegal-boy to have to do secretarial tasks, not fair because as I said, we have secretaries for those tasks. So, when he dared to ask his supervisor about this sudden change in his job description he was told not to rock the boat, not to complain, just to do the work or expect the worst. Nothing like a good threat to get your juices jumpin. So I ask again, why do others always seek to change our job descriptions? Is it laziness? Ineptness? My advice to paralegal-boy was to don his paralegal cape and scoff at secretarial work, after all, we can't mix with the lesser beings right? ;) Not to over do it on this ranty post, but here is another thing I hate, interviewers who don't read resumes or applications before conducting interviews, in which circumstance said interviewer then asks stupid questions of the interviewee . . . Just an observation folks, nothing else to see, move along, oh and paralegal-boy, take off that silly cape!

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