Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Dukes of Hazzard

Ok, showing my age here. I am a huge, huge fan of the Duke boys, Bo and Luke not Coy and Vance. The show had everything, mystery, intrigue, sexuality, morality, fast cars, car chases, occassional explosions and/or shoot outs, singing, racing, gambling (see episode 1 of season 1), bootlegging, half-nekkid Catherine Bach (who really wasn't all that pretty, but no one was actually looking at her face), and over indulgences at every turn. The premise was simple: Two good ol' boys "never meanin' no harm, beats all you've ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born." Oh wait, that's the theme song. Ok anyway, There's Bo and Luke, trying to make their way, but always seeming to get into a scrap o'trouble. But, they are good hearted and try to do good for others (sometimes to get into the pants of others, see episode 1 of season 1 with Bo and the orphanage lady) but hey, no bother. Plus they had the best stunt car on the planet! Which they occassionaly raced, and which they always got chased in. They are simply trying to expose the corruption of Boss Hogg's political system and get what they can out of it. There is no better time-honored story than the outlaw hero. There's Daisy, she is the cute one, the brains behind the boys and she can shoot a bow and arrow like nobody's business. Not afraid to use her sexuality and hot pants to get what she wants (see shot-gun wedding episode) and also not afraid to bust heads when she had too, oh yeah did I mention she was a great driver too? There's Uncle Jesse, he is the moral rock and foundation of the Duke clan, but has been known to let loose and get those juices jumping every once and a while as well. I like that about Uncle Jesse. (cannot wait to see Willie Nelson as Uncle Jesse). Afterall he is a lawbreaker, a moonshiner, but he objects to obscenity, gambling and the like, and keeps his family close. There's Cooter, he's the You Can Lean on Me friend, there when you need him, and mighty handy with a wrench. Then there is Boss Hogg, he is the absence of moralality, the slovenly over indulgent a-moral center of the Duke world. But, like Uncle Jesse, he has been known to act out of character (he tends to have a soft spot for Daisy, and his Missus). he has a soft spot for Uncle Jesse too cause they used to run shine together, but he wants the Dukes out of the picture so they can't foil his dastardly plans. And last, we have the bumblin idiot Roscoe P. Coltrane and his pleasant pup Flash. He is the idiot with a heart. Every town needs one. (his deputy Enos ( and later Cletus) is just an idiot, but sweet and honest.) he used to be straight until he lost his pension and took up with Boss Hogg Ok, I love the show for all these things and more, but mostly because it reminds me of coming home from school, gettin a snack and watching it every weekday with my little sister, and singing the song, and hooting and hollerin for the Duke Boys to get away from whichever sherrif Roscoe or Little happens to be a chasing them. Which brings me to the reason I am posting this. CMT is going to be showing the Dukes every night at 7.p.m beginning on a date yet to be announced, and there is a contest wherein you can become the VP of the Dukes Institute for $100,000.00. I am going to apply because I love the Dukes of Hazzard, but also because I love money . . . he he he.

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