Monday, February 21, 2005

I love NASCAR!

I am doing a happy dance now that Nascar is back. My house is filled with beer and chips, and we have the tv on really loud watching the in depth analysis of yesterday's race on the SPEED Network. See, there is just something about the race that I love. I think it is that you get to road trip to your favorite track, meet new people who don't have an air of superiority about them, people who share their beer and their hotdogs with you, people who give gifts for flashes (did I just write that?), people who are cool no matter who your driver (unless that driver is Gordon, we hate him!). Race fans rock. So, why am I so pumped about Nascar? Cause my other loves, are not in season, well Football is over and Hockey is dead in the water this year. So, my sport of choice this season is Nascar. I know that my Sundays will be full from now until next February as the season runs from now until November and Football is on then so it is all good. Ah how I love Nascar. Oh, and I love the looks I get when I'm cleaning my tires off by weaving in and out of traffic during rush hour . . . he he he. . .

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