Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Some Wednesday Quizzy Fun

Want to waste some time at work today? Try out some of these fun little quizzes! Duane at Pennsylvanian in Exile links to this great quiz on what kind of dog are you? I'm an Australian Cattle Dog! Orge of Ogre's Politics and Views has a link to this llama quiz by brought to you by Quizilla! I'm a friendly llama, protector of sheep and kind to friends. But if anyone tries to hurt mr or my sheep, I'll spit. Basil of Basil's Blog has this interesting Gender Genie which will tell us which sex we really are. Hmmm . . . my entry says I am a male. Interesting! Also according to Basil, a Yankee From Mississippi has a What Gender is Your Brain quiz (Hat tip A Typical Joe) which says I have a total boy brain! 40% female, 60% male. Well, that too is interesting! I love Quizzilla Quizes! Try this one Which Greek God are You? I'm Poseidon. Ok, enough wasting precious morning time! Must work. Arghhh!

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