Friday, February 18, 2005

The Social Security Debate

Since I haven't really posted about this topic, I thought I would post some of my thoughts today. The leftists are trying to turn this debate into a "Bush wants to steal your social security check" debate. They are off-base. Here are some of the facts of the plan to privatize some of social security: 1. We will still contribute to the General Fund (For those of you who are unaware, there is no social security trust fund. The Democraps tore those walls down long ago. Your FICA dollars go into the General Fund, think of it this way: your broker steals your money and buys a vacation home, but he still sends you "interest" checks on your investment. He is able to do this using another clients money, and he proceeds to pay that other client with yet another's money. This is what our government is doing with social security. Because the money goes into the General Fund, lawmakers have spent it. Yes, they still send Grandma her check, but they are doing it with the money you just sent in. Sound like sound policy to you?); 2. A mere 2% of our contributions can voluntarily (meaning you don't hafta if you don't wanta) be placed in a private fund; 3. The private fund can thereafter be willed, or gifted to our family members should we meet our maker; 4. When we reach retirement age, we will still get our guaranteed Social Security check and we will also get to keep our private fund (its a BOGO); 5. Federal lawmakers do not pay into social security. They have a plan similar to this only they get to put 100% of their taxes into private funds! 6. This plan works, it has been proven to work in other countries and in small local communities in the U.S. Now, why is there opposition to this plan? It is simple really, if the American public realizes that there is a ponzi scheme going on in Washington with their Social Security money there will be a revolt. In addition, the lawmakers don't want us illiterate, uneducated, red-state country bumpkins to have any say over our money, see this keeps us dependent upon the gubment. We all know that while the gubment professes to be looking out for us, they are not, they are in reality lining their pockets with our hard-earned cash, and they don't want their cash flow to end. That is all.

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