Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ok, Lawyer Time Again

The first of the asinine Tsunami lawsuits is being filed in New York. (hat tip Drudge) The suit by some Austrian and German victims of the Tsunami will file against Thailand, the French Hotel Accor and US forecasters in order to prove whether they reacted adequately to the impending disaster. Lets break this down: Thailand, devestated by the Tsunami was going to do what? Send some ridiculous little government official out onto a jetty to call upon the Gods to avert the disaster? "Oh mighty Thai God, in the name of all that is peanutty, please divert the Tsunami from our shores!" Or better yet, was going to send the police out to round people up off the beachs? I have the reaction here: "Get the @#$$^% away from me, I paid ____ Euros for this @$%#$^ing holiday, and I am going to @$#^%ing enjoy it right here on this here beach, bee-yotch!" Accor (employees), a hotel people, were suppossed to take time out of their busy schedule catering to rich and pampered Euroweenies and cleaning bathrooms to do what? Well to gather each Euroweenie by the hand and guide them to higher ground. But really the argument is that the Accor hotel should not have built their hotel on the fault line (should this have happened, the Hilton would likely have built in their place, but I'm just saying . . .) Seriously, last I checked, hotel employees don't have extensive backgrounds in geological and meterological occurances, enough to forecast a major earthquake and killer tsunami. So, what lapses might this hotel have made? Well I have an answer for you, allowing Euroweenies to vacation in their hotels. (the hotel is also being lambasted because it did not properly inform relatives about the status of guests could that be because hotel personnell were as dead as the guests? Perhaps they were supposed to phone from Pergatory in order to give a complete tally of the guests floating with them?) And lastly the U.S., and why not? we get blamed for everything why not this? Because the U.S. as we all know is situated smack dab in the middle of the indian ocean from which vantage point its agencies should have detected the problems. Again, without sounding too condescending, we are bordered by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and owe no allegience, nor responsibility the Eurotourists on Holiday in Thailand! "We have evidence that they did not warn us." Ok, so the U.S., busy with its own problems is supposed to call up the front desk at the Accor Hotel and say, yo, there was an earthquake in Sumatra and the waves are killer dude, grab a board - let's shoot the tunnel! Whoa . . . Not likely, and seeing as how the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and its Hawaii-based tsunami warning centre are government agencies (that's the U.S. government not Europe people) their attentions are likley focused on U.S. occurences. Don't they have weathermen in Europe? And for the lawyer part, the Plaintiffs in the matter have admitted that this is a "fishing expedition" to determine if blame can be placed upon these entities for this NATURAL disaster. The law is clear, that one cannot engage in litigation for the purpose of a fishing expedition. Why any court would entertain such a suit is quite beyond me, and jurisdiction anyone? Last I checked, neither Accor (french) nor Thailand were domiciled in New York, oh yeah and the NOAA is in DC, someone needs to do a quick dismissal of this drivel, but knowing the courts in this land, it'll probably hang around for a while costing tax payers money! Oh how I hate Euroweenies!

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