Monday, February 14, 2005

The UN's Latest Scandal

Not new, really, but Newsmax is reporting today that a top UN official admits that he raped and pillaged his way throught the Congo while on peace-keeping business. (See Michelle Malkin's post this weekend regarding the arrest of these UN morons in Morroco.) This official took lots of pictures which he saved and shared (including one where a tear is visible on the face of one of his victims). He points the finger at the UN's administration saying they tolerated the attacks on children by UN and aid workers. While the world skewers the US in the prison abuse scandal and calls for investigations of women-on-prisoner interrogations at Gitmo, where is the outrage here? The young men and women of the Congo are being victimized by those sent by the UN to guide and help them. The UN is not content to victimize the Iraquis in the Oil for Fraud scandal, but sets out to steal the innocence of young men and women in the Congo as well. The US gets skewered for its treatment of evil persons intent on doing harm to innocents, and here, we have evil persons doing harm to innocents without any outcry! It is time for the UN to get out of the US for good.

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