Thursday, February 10, 2005

Palestinian Peace Falters

So, it has been a whole day after the Israelis and Palestinians shook hands and declared a cease-fire, but it didn't last. Today, Palestinian militants fired mortar shells and homemade rockets at Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip. Admirably, Abbas moved his security forces in to remedy the situation so as not to put the cease-fire in jeopardy, however how long before the cease-fire falls apart? Abbas needs to silence the rhetoric against the U.S. and the Israelis in order to get real cooperation. Young Palestinian men and women have been brainwashed into believing that all Jewish people must die and that the west is evil. This culture of murder will take a very long time to reform. While shaking hands and stating that there is an agreed upon cease-fire is a good thing, it will do nothing to stop the bloodshed perpetrated by those with a jihadist mentality. However, it must be noted, and take this as a warning, here in the U.S. anti-Israel bias is evident on almost every college campus. Pro-fanatical muslim extremism is evident in Hollywood and in the likes of persons like Ward Churchill. This is a global problem, and therefore, while moderate Palestinians may get behind the cease-fire, look for wackos like Churchhill and CAIR and college muslim groups to side with the Jihadiis and look for wahabists and other foreign fanaticals to infiltrate the borders and begin murdering Israelis. These "insurgents" currently in Iraq, will just find another front when they tire of losing the fight in Iraq. To steal a phrase from "Cambodia Kerry," we need a plan to win the peace. My plan is preemptive. Take the fight out of the Wahabists and Jihadiis. Crush them in order to allow those muslim's who value life to peacefully co-exist with Israelis, Americans, Kurds, etc. . .

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