Thursday, February 10, 2005

Boy Stabs Sister over Pot Pie

What is this world coming to when you can't even eat your pot-pie in peace? That's right folks, a young man stabbed his sister when she refused to give up her chicken pot-pie, somewhat reminicent of Cartman on Southpark ("no kitty, my pot-pie") but a tad more violent. So, I have devised a pot-pie protection program for those of you who are afraid that your pot-pie will be theived by a sibling or other pot-pie bandit: 1. Nuke pies only when alone with shades drawn and telephone off the hook; 2. Tie up younger brother prior to nuking pie - then eat every morsel in front of him while singing "nanny nanny boo-boo" gleefully; 3. Disguise pot-pie as a peanut butter sandwich; 4. Replace pie wrapper with tin foil marked "mystery", get sibling to dare you to eat it; 5. Take a preemptive strike at the pie-snatcher, disabling him or her prior to nuking pie; 6. Stand guard with taser; 7. Wire pot-pie with electrodes which cause much pain when ever pie is touched by anyone not you (think beer/roommate commercial and dog collar); 8. Replace pie filling with rocks, watch teeth of thief shatter; 9. Try the "look over there" option and make a run for it; and last but not least 10. Perfect the art of speed eating.

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