Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Oddybobo Unmasked, Sorta

Ok, I am going to follow Basil's lead and tell you that while no one will likely want to "take me down" cause quite frankly, who the hell cares about whittle ole' me, I am going to tell you that I operate under the assumed name of oddybobo because my real name is none of your business, and because oddybobo is my dog's name and I love my dog. In addition, while some of you may have made assumptions about my sex (or lack thereof . . .) that is on you, as I have neither stated affirmatively nor denied what my sex is. What I have told you is that I am ambiguously asian (which is sorta like Diana Degarmo on last season's American Idol, who was ambiguously ethnic). Anyway, let me explain. I am 1/2 caucasian, and 1/2 Korean. I look more white than asian, except for that slanty eye thing going on. I am versed in both cultures and self-identify as AmerAsian. Now, all that aside, when I went to college and tried to take advantage of minority programs, I was told I was not Asian (tell that to me mum) and therefore did not qualify. Now, I am thinking to myself, what happened to Jim Crow, when even if you had a drop of African blood, that made you black? (Kidding!) Really though, seeing as how I look amibiguously asian, self-identify as such and in fact have the pedigree to back it up, that makes me Asian. But, not Asian enough, it seems, to qualify for some of that free money, advice, help, etc. . . the government and their schools are always throwing at minorities. Well, it didn't stop there, I was shunned by the campus Korean group because I was a Hapa (hawaiian for 1/2 and 1/2) and well, there just aren't any caucasian groups on campus that could qualify as non-nazi or non-supremicist. So, me and my pals, started a multi-cultural/multi-racial group on campus (which is still going strong today). Back to the premise of my post . . . (and Basil's) this is simply a preemptive strike so that I don't get hate mail or blog-attacked to reveal my identity. I'm really not that worth it, and when, and if i ever am, well I will simply stop blogging so that those chomping at the bit to do me in, will have to pull a Dan Rather and make stuff up! Oh, and I am not being completely secretive here, some people know who I am, it isn't like I posted a fake picture of myself here to throw everyone off the trail ala Libertarian Girl. He He He. Besides, who really wants to see a picture of a slightly chunky, ambiguously asian she/he at this site anyway? Really? Well then I will have to invent me one of those pics shortly . . .

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