Monday, January 03, 2005

John Kerry Speaks

So, John Kerry speaks to the press about his vague plans for the future, the vague reasons for his loss and his vagueness. He doesn't blame anyone (including himself) for the loss saying: They didn't lose the election, rather they just didn't win, and well, he thinks he can beat Hillary in 08. Kerry also says he learned something from Al Gore, hopefully it wasn't how to unravel into a raving lunatic and put on 100 pounds in one year. But seriously, does the junior senator from Mass. think that his good ole better half will stick around for a second run? Hell no. She is going to marry her a Jeb Bush so that she can get to the White House, no second best for Missy Miss. Enough of John "sour puss" Kerry, find me someone new to pick on!

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