Wednesday, January 05, 2005

UN Theives

Ok, (hat-tip Quinn and Rose) the UN's spokes-asshead has actually said, in public mind you, that all the money contributed to the UN agencies and ear-marked for the Tsunami victims, "may not actually make it to the Tsunami vicitims." The simple explanation for this is of course that Kofi and his lecherous kind hadn't gotten enough money through Oil for Food and so why not skim from the generosity of others while watching those poor asian peoples founder? (Ok, in all actuality he was refering to the fact that pledges are made but not always followed through . . . ahem. . . Germany, France) And then these liberal mouthpieces get on tv and spout in Newspapers that Bush is trying to go over the UN's head with his coalition. Well gee, doesn't take a spacemonkey to know that the UN is looking for their take, by the by, have you seen any UN weenies on the ground? No, just US Marines. Have the UN Weenies dedicated any flying machines to the effort? No, just the US Navy. Have the Canadians sent DART? Nope, waiting on the US to fly em over. Is Kofi picking through trash and death to find survivors, anyone? anyone? Bueller? Nope again! Kofi is pursing his fingers together eyes arched waiting for the cash to roll in, Cha-Ching! (think Mr. Burns only eviler). My money, and yes, I donated what I could, is actually going to make it to the victims. Go figure, you send money for help and, wait for it . . . IT HELPS SOMEONE! PEOPLE! I am going to go all John Birch Society for a millisecond and say . . . GET US OUT OF THE UNITED NATIONS!!!!! Better still kick those boot licking, scum sucking, sex peddling, money laundering, euroweenies out of our country! Can I get an AMEN?

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