Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Teen Charged with Crime After Causing Miscarriage

Hat-tip Drudge: (Hit title for direct link) So a young man faces criminal charges after he and his paramour decide to cause the spontaneous abortion of their baby. How is this possible? Did the girl state that this happened against her will? No, she was complicit. She wanted to get rid of her pregnancy. (she was 6 months pregnant) Last I heard, this was legal! Yes, abortion in its many forms is legal in the good ole US of A. We don't know why these two chose to cause this spontaneous abortion by baseball bat rather then travel to a clinic and have an actual medical procedure, but truly, what is the difference? Perhaps they didn't have the money, perhaps Michigan is a parental consent state (it is), whatever the motive, the outcome would have been the same, dead baby. Why then, does this young person (and not the mother who was also complicit) face criminal charges? (Because the law is meant to protect the mother's right to chose!) The prosecutor should be ashamed. This flies directly in the face of all things pro-abortion. In fact, this sounds positively religious right! What does this say to our young people? I will tell you what it says, it says you must pay hundreds of dollars that you do not have to have a legal miscarriage, but if you do it with a baseball bat, we are sending you to prison. It is a conspiracy hatched by pro-lifers to send pro-abortionists to jail! They are trying to take away the right to chose to get smacked in the tummy until the baby falls out! They are taking away the right to chose to use a coat hanger in a dark closet! The nerve. But seriously folks, if this spontaneous abortion by baseball bat is a crime, so too then is the D&C procedure in a sanitary medical facility. And don't even get me started on partial birth abortion! The end result is the same. There was no illegal physical assault of the mother, she wanted to kill this child and the two of them succeeded swimingly.

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