Monday, April 11, 2005

Ten things about me!

Ok, I am stealing this one from Kris, who stole it from SarahK, who stole it from Jennifer: here are ten things about me--which one is not true? 1. I was a bully in school; 2. I once chased a swimming bear around Jackson Lake in Wyoming so I could take his picture; 3. I was once attacked by a rooster and kicked in the chest by a horse on the same day; 4. I used to sing in a garage band, old hippy tunes and Metallica . . . 5. I "dated" one guy on and off for 5 years before marrying my current "Better Half"; 6. I like ketchup but can't eat tomatoes, and I like onion rings but not onions?; 7. I swam with a school of sharks off the coast of Maryland; 8. I was a *gasp* cheerleader; 9. I got hit in the head with a wooden clog at a Dead Milkmen Concert and required 6 stiches (ala that "Clueless" Alicia Silverstone Movie from the mid-90's); and 10. My first car was named "Dave" and it talked. I'll post the fakie in a day or two . . . ok, guess . . .Now! Update: Haloscan just went all crack-whore on me so I'll post trackbacks later! If you can't comment, come back later and do it!

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