Tuesday, April 05, 2005

John Bolton to my Tanto

I haven’t done any political blogging in a little while so here goes: As we know, John Bolton is the President’s nominee to the United Nations. The left has started a campaign to smear him as he has the necessary votes to be confirmed. In fact, they have publicly stated that although they can’t defeat him they have the questions which will make his confirmation hearings uncomfortable, for those that don’t know, this is liberal speak for: “you are the President’s pick, so we don’t like you, no matter who you are, and it is our job to make you squirm.” Recent talking points for left are to publicly state that Bolton is a “Lone Ranger Type” (in conservative speak = Leader), an “Unadulterated Nationalist” (in conservative speak = someone who puts his country first) and an “Enemy of Multinationism” (in conservative speak = someone who recognizes the failings of the UN and is poised to help fix them!). Sounds like the President in his infinite wisdom, has yet again picked a winner! There. Now everyone knows how I feel about John Bolton.

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