Monday, April 04, 2005

That big round disk in the sky

Yep, folks, it's called the sun! I was in the mountains of Tennessee this past weekend where last week it was in the 70's and upon my arrival it quickly dipped to about 35 degrees. See, mother nature was aware of my penchant for camping (in a tent) and pulled a fast one on me. Seeing as how it was snowing on the evening of Saturday, I awoke to find a cloudy sky on Sunday. Brain-dead me, forgetting that mother nature spits upon me, did not take a hat, nor sunscreen, nor protection of any kind . . . Well, that 10 a.m. sky quickly burned off the remainder of the clouds. 7 cloudless hours later, and Whamoo! Sun-burnt and dehydrated, I limped back to my campsite to pack up for the 8 hour drive home. Curse you Bristol, TN/VA Curse you! Oh yes, and see you next year, with sunscreen and long-johns!

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