Saturday, April 09, 2005

Happy Anniversary Harvey and TNT!!

Ok, so today is the sixth anniversary of Harvey of Bad Example and TNT of Smiling Dynamite, other members of the Bad Example Family and Friends will likely post some funnies, but since I am not that funny . . . I will send them the following wishes:

May the anniversary wishes that you receive today, remind you of the vows you both took. May you revel in all the wonderful memories that you have made together. May you always take time to show your love and appreciation for one another. May you never forget to laugh together. May you have many, many more anniversaries to share. Happy Anniversary to you both *raises glass of champagne in your honor*. Now, on with the festivities *switching from champagne to bourbon . . .*
Ok, so the 6th Anniversary is the "Iron" anniversary (though the modern equivalent is "Wood" or "Candy") so I've gone ahead and picked out some appropriate gifts for the two of you and have covered all the bases just in case one of you is a traditionalist and one is a modernist: 1. Iron Handcuffs; 2. His and Hers Candy Underwear; and 3. Wood, to spank one another repeatedly with (of course, Harvey, feel free to supply your own, wood that is!) I hope you both have a wonderful Anniversary, and that you continue to share many more years with one another. I have only met your blog-personalities, but feel like you both are old friends. My very best wishes to you both. Have fun tooling around the blogosphere and reading all the good wishes, oh and the cuffs and underwear will go together nicely!! Don't worry TNT, Harvey will bring the wood! Bwahahahahaha!

UPDATE: Find candy underwear here

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