Friday, December 31, 2004

Those UN Weenies

So, Bush declares a Tsunami Aid Coalition and a bunch of UN weenies are crying because "they should go through an established agency like the UN." Why? so they can get their hands on the money earmarked as aid for the victims of the tsunami and skim theirs off the top? Not so fast! Bushie recognized that those UN weenies are licking their lips just waiting for the money to come rolling in so they can skim their obligatory share off the top and (Kofi Annan's son can buy a new house) then pass the aid to the victims as if they were the generous ones. Sorry, in just a couple of days, we stingy American's pledged and donated more money than the UN and other agencies like it have raised in one whole year. We donated directly because we recognize the UN's penchant for skimming off the top. We donated directly so that the aid would actually make it to the victims. We American's may be stingy but we are not dumb! We recognize the stonewalling and the fraud and theft going on behind UN walls and we won't be duped into providing for the lavish retirement of those UN weenies. Am I wrong? let me know.

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