Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami efforts

I created this blog because I was lost in comment-land and wanted to air my musings without restrictions. Today, (much like the entire bloggosphere) I am going to rant about the Tsunami efforts, specifically, the inane attitude of the Sri Lankan government toward the ready, willing and able bodies which Israel had intended to send to help with the recovery efforts. As we know, Sri Lanka is a primarily muslim country, and of course, muslim's (at least those fanatical ones) are charged with eliminating Jews. Perhaps those poor desperate Sri Lankan's would make Allah angry if they accepted much needed assistance from, gasp . . . a Jew! Ask those affected, I can guarantee that they would want that Jew, American, Japanese, Korean, whoever to help them locate, dead or alive, the bod(ies) of their loved ones. But here is a picture I cannot erase from my mind, I think it was on one of the internet news links (when I am better at this blogging thing, I will link direct). It was a picture of a church built by some Portugese men who were rescued from the Ocean, it remained completely untouched by the sea when all around it was destruction, that simple picture spoke volumes! Perhaps this is God's way of saying enough. Take a look at ourselves. Nuf said! Feel free to comment, I will be posting more later, and welcome to my new blog!

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