Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hits, Hits, Everywhere

Seems my post on Corey Clark and Paula Abdul and whether they did or did not sleep together in her guest bedroom -- Ewe! Is generating some hits on Yahoo and Google and Google UK. . . It I keep this up, I might even hit 10,000 visits! I'm number one for the search Corey Clark, Paula Abdul, sleep on Google UK. Now Corey Clark says he has proof of the affair with Paula Abdul that is just too explicit to show to AI. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of hits that will generate . . . oh, and EWE! The thought that entered my mind was that his proof is like nude pictures or maybe stained clothing or special video tapes . . . ewe, ewe, ewe! UPDATE: Ok, more on the EWE front! Apparently, Corey Clark is set to reveal a "distinguishing characteristic" of Paula's that only those who have been intimate with her would know. EWE! On a different note, I even got an odd hit for "Alicia Silverstone in Handcuffs", which I didn't quite expect, and I am #1 on a Google search for "I smell a turd"

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